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Young Children

Reaching milestones is a huge part a child's development.  When the nervous system has been impacted children are more likely to develop ear aches, hyperactivity, tummy troubles, struggles with learning and social development.

Craniofacial chiropractic care will work with child's whole spine and cranium to ensure proper development and function.  

Cranial chiropractic adjustments along with age appropriate orofacial myofunctional exercises can help encourage proper growth and development of bones that are involved in oral, dental and airway development.

Three Girls


Is it safe?

Chiropractic and Craniosacral care is extremely safe for children.  The adjustments performed on small children are different than those performed on adults.  They are gentle and most children respond positively to the process.  

How can craniofacial chiropractic straighten my child's teeth?

Chiropractors are not dentist or orthodontist and cannot correct tooth alignment or bite.  However, the teeth do rest in cranial bones.  Cranial chiropractic adjustments along with orofacial exercise can help encourage your child's cranial bones to develop and grow properly providing the best opportunity for optimal airway and dental development.  


Dr. Smoron, D.C., has addition training in child spinal and cranial chiropractic care, along with reflex integration therapy.  Additionally she is able to provide orofacial myofunctional assessments (tongue/lip tie) and therapy that is age appropriate.  There is an orthodontist on site to offer orthodontic evaluation and recommendations if needed.  As a result of years of additional education and training, orthodontists are well suited to aid children in early expansion and airway development.  Already have an orthodontist in mind, we will work with your dental team to make your child's treatment as successful as possible.

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